Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is a PMA?

A PMA is a Private Membership Association or simply a Private Association. Private Associations are typically formed as Private Association, Private Membership Association, or Private Health Association and can be formed for any business or industry that is looking for the benefit of operating in the private domain and remaining outside of the jurisdiction of public law.

Why is a Private Membership Association right for me or maybe you?

A PMA does not need any authority or permission, of any kind whatsoever, from any government or government agency for its creation or in order for it to continue to exist and function.
A PMA is created by and exists upon the contract authority and power that people have reserved for themselves.

Since the protections of a properly formed PMA are also secured by international law your PMA is still protected even if your members are outside of the U.S. such as Canada and Europe.

Is It Legal To Operate My Business Outside of Public Law?

Long standing case law has continuously upheld the right to association as being synonymous with the right to assemble. The protections of a properly formed PMA were most heavily litigated during the 1950’s and 1960’s and those protections are still upheld today by U.S. Law and International law.

Public Law, Regulations and internal Rules of administrative agencies that regulate the public do not generally reach a PMA because they would impair, impede, obstruct or defeat the PMA members’ ability to discuss, hear, read or speak about, print, obtain and use things which may be prohibited to be disclosed to or used by the public unless the private membership association commits a nefarious act which means some form of human rights violation or evil act against another human.