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What is A Private Membership Association?

A Private Membership Association is men and woman collectively asserting and standing upon their secured perfect rights to assemble and associate; their reserved authority; their pre-existing claim to absolute authority and control over the health of their own body, mind and spirit and rights (hereinafter collectively referred to simply as “rights”) A PMA functions by the members acting as people, in their real private character and capacity,
“No State can make a law that impairs the obligation of a contract”​ and therefore is without jurisdiction.

All businesses and industries have the ability to remove the business from the jurisdiction of public law and to implement the protections of operating within the private domain. In todays world, business leaders are not taught to seek these protections and are educated to operate their business in compliance with and subject to public law. There is a better answer! A Properly Formed PMA!


Is a Private Association Right for You or Your Business?

Why is a Private Membership Association right for me or maybe you?
A PMA does not need any authority or permission, of any kind whatsoever, from any government for its creation or in order for it to continue to exist and function.
A PMA is created by and exists upon the contract authority and power that people have reserved for themselves.
PMA members are free to exchange any services or information whatsoever on any topic they choose and can speak or write about, listen to, or read any information, use or obtain any information, product, or service on any terms agreeable to any member who chooses to provide that information, product, or service within the private membership association.
PMAs are under no general lawful/legal obligation to recognize any statutory title of public competency, education or training (licensed persons/experts).
Public Law, Regulations and internal Rules of administrative agencies that regulate the public do not generally reach a PMA because they would impair, impede, obstruct or defeat the PMA members’ ability to discuss, hear, read or speak about, print, obtain and use things which may be prohibited to be disclosed to or used by the public, unless the private membership association commits a nefarious act, which means some form of human rights violation or evil act against another human or in the wording of the courts “creates a clear and present danger of a substantial evil”. Anything less is protected and stays within the private domain.

A PMA generally falls outside the jurisdiction of Public Law, Regulations and internal Rules of administrative agencies

The Constitution, The Courts, and Law all Say You Have a Right To Conduct Business In The Private Domain, Without Licensing, Regulation, or Interference from the state.

You can practice almost anything without a license within your properly formed Private Membership Association of private members!!!

The only exception is if your association practices, proposes or promotes a clear and present danger of substantive evil.

Also, the private domain is referred to as a “sanctuary from unjustified interference by the State” in Pierce v. Society of Sisters, 268 U.S. 510 at 534-535.  And as a “constitutional shelter” in Roberts v. United States, 82 L.Ed.2d 462 at 472.  And again as a “shield” in Roberts v. United States, supra at 474.

In addition, the U.S. Supreme Court in Thomas v. Collins, 323 U.S. 516 at 531, specifically refers to the “Domains set apart…for free assembly.” The First Amendment right to association creates a “preserve”  Baird v. Arizona, 401 U.S. 1.

The private domain of an association is a sanctuary, constitutional shelter, shield, and domain set apart and a preserve according to a number of U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

Again, your properly formed Private Membership Association consists of private members and is in the private domain with the protection of numerous favorable U.S. Supreme Court decisions with no decisions to the contrary to date, excepting limitations imposed upon statutory compliant PMAs and PMA’s created for the purpose of regulation by the state eg, a State Athletic Assn. or Union membership.

Why Should PMA Power Be Your First, and Only choice?

First, PMA Power is established and operates as a Private Membership Association, within a network of other PMAs. We DO NOT recommend anything to others that we don’t utilize ourselves.

Second, At PMA Power, our founder has over 30 years invested in the study of law and we have a clear understanding of some basic principles that most others don’t utilize or seem to know. The protections of a properly formed PMA should stay within the protections of the private domain. This simple concept doesn’t seem to be so simple for most.

There are companies in the U.S. that operate for the purpose of helping others to create their own PMA, even though they themselves operate as a corporation or an LLC. It’s common to find that these companies are charging their clients anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, plus ongoing dues or fees, to create their own PMA and the end result is that client ending up with a PMA that is “statutory compliant”. Why is that a problem? A statutory compliant PMA is a PMA whose founding documents agree to operate within the limitations of Public Law (statutes). Statutory compliance puts your PMA back under the jurisdiction of public law and removes most of the protections that are the primary purpose of creating a PMA in the first place. A statutory compliant PMA puts you, your association, and your members at risk, and most of these companies, and their clients don’t even realize that they are creating statutory compliant PMAs.

Our founder saw many people investing large amounts of money to create PMAs with little protections and set out to change a few things within the industry. First was offering a PMA package with Complete protections under U.S. and international law to ensure people from other countries could enjoy the same protections. Second was the severely overpriced rates being paid to form these associations. Third was an effort to educate people to know the difference and encourage those who are capable to form their own PMAs without the Expense.

Most PMAs within our network, and businesses being converted into PMAs are created for less than $1500.00. The conversion of a large corporation to a private association may require a slightly higher cost. All PMAs created with our assistance offer complete protections under U.S. and international law and help to keep you and your business within the private domain so not only is the initial investment lowered compared to others, the operational expense of your business is significantly lowered since you have no more licensing cost or regulatory compliance expense.

The information provided here is general information. It’s available to the public. If you should have a need for more in depth information, tips, or advice you’ll need to become a member of our PMA so future communication is protected within the private domain, and an individual membership comes without membership fees. Unlike some others, we do not implement additional or hidden fees to take advantage of our members who are learning what we all should know. Join us and learn how to keep your life, and your business, in the private domain.

Next Steps…

Although we do have a group on Facebook, the group is private and a closed group so it cannot be found in a search and can be accessed by invitation only. This is required to keep the business of the members in the private domain. Feel free to contact us via the contact page if and when you decide you are ready to begin implementing the protections of the private domain. Email Us!