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We have a goal that includes educating people on the things that used to be common knowledge. Protections ensured to the people that we simply aren't informed or educated about any longer.

The peoples rights are something that used to be taught to the children growing up but are no longer a part of our system of public education.

Many of our rights are being converted to privileges and that's commonly accomplished because if you don't know your rights, you have none. Meaning if you don't know what your rights are, you cannot exercise them.

Most people don't know the difference between public law and private, or keeping your life and business in the private domain and outside of the jurisdiction of public law, and the state, to regulate.

We've made it our primary goal to help people learn, and implement, what they should already know. We've also made the means to accomplish this goal available to people for a fraction of the cost of what is available elsewhere.

Our Story

Our Story

After almost 2 decades of working for the system of government, and much time invested in the study of law, our founder realized that government really isn't interested in focusing on, or protecting, peoples rights. There are many things about our lives today that need to be corrected and most of them are centered around our system of education being used for the purpose of achieving "the dumbing down of America" It became his mission to begin educating as many people as he could reach on the rights that they don't even know they have, including using the law to conduct business with others and keeping that business outside the reach of regulation imposed as a matter of public law.

Certain businesses and industries  operating in our country are not profitable for our government and infringe upon others that are profitable. A great example is the natural healthcare industry. Those who have made a career out of helping others to maintain their health naturally. This isn't profitable for government since it hurts the profit margin of large corporations focused on healthcare, including the pharmaceutical companies. These companies are not able to obtain patents on what nature provides so they create a substitute for nature (that they can patent) then put pressure on government officials (many of whom are corrupt anyway) to restrict the efforts of those using nature. Industries such as these seem to become the focus of unreasonable enforcement of public law.

Business owners and other professionals are now beginning to learn that they can practice, or operate their businesses without the concern for expensive and restrictive regulation imposed in the name of public law. People are learning to keep their business within the private domain. We are very proud to be able to say that we are a part of what they do and we are helping people to keep their business outside of the jurisdiction and enforcement of public law and helping them to succeed so they can benefit others.

We are dedicated to helping you learn to implement the protections you don't even know you have.

Next Steps...

If you are in a business or industry that is heavily regulated by public law, or even if you can see that your business can benefit from remaining outside of the jurisdiction of government regulation, come join our PMA and learn how to protect yourself and your business.